Parents with Prospects Grads Unit 2 Careers in Transition


This Online Course has hours worth of practical tips and advice around Careers in Transition, presented in an engaging way. It covers the following topics:

What is time management?

Developing your academic or career

Job Search Skills

The Job Interview

Workplace communication

Interpersonal and conflict resolution skills in the workplace

Skills for success in postsecondary education

Developed specifically to appeal to high school, trade/tech schools or college students. Interactive screens and assignments mean students are actively involved in their learning and aren’t just sitting and reading off a screen. This helps to keep them engaged. The Online courses are full mapped to Ohio Department of Education standards and also support dropout prevention.

The online course provides feedback on all assignments students get wrong to reinforce learning of the content. Icons which link to pdf’s that students can view, print, save or download.

Each course has a final assessment designed to check understanding.

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