PWP- Parents With Prospects

The Parents with Prospects ® [PWP] programme is a comprehensive accredited training course providing information, knowledge and guidance to equip young parents with the skills to become caring and capable parents. The course was designed by NCLP to support young people, parents and parents-to-be to improve their parenting skills, the lives of their children and opportunities to either return to education and training or enter the workplace.

The resources are unique and have been crafted with direct input from young people and professionals from all walks of life. The course content enables learners to acquire the parenting skills necessary to raise healthy, emotionally well-balanced children, eager to learn and able to cope with the world around them.

The programme covers:

  • Developing Communication & Literacy with Children
  • Developing Relationships and Play with Children
  • Healthy Eating for Children
  • Keeping Children Safe and Well
  • Positive Parenting Skills

In the Graham Allen and Frank Field reports it is said these programmes are early intervention at its best!

The Parenting programmes developed by NCLP are the only accredited British Parenting qualifications in England.

Parents with Prospects supports the government’s agenda & is mapped to children centre and some public health outcomes:

  • Promotes breast feeding
  • Preventing obesity/Promoting healthy eating
  • Getting every child school ready.
  • Preventing STIs/chlamydia
  • Reduce the effects on children of parents who take drugs and alcohol
  • Promotes emotional bonding and attachment
  • Developing children’s literacy and communication skills
  • Reduce smoking
  • By early intervention, educating parents and young people helps ensure that their children have positive experiences prior to entering school is likely to lead to better outcomes than remediation programs later in life.
  • Parents develop to become economically & socially independent

Both programmes hold the CANParent quality mark – a quality mark set by the government for all universal parenting programmes in the UK.

These programmes demonstrate what Ofsted is looking for in Childrens centres – accredited learning and progression that leads to either a qualification or gaining employment.

For more information on the course and for nationally delivered courses, please click here.

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National Programme Contact:

Rachel Coss (Business Development Manager)

Telephone: 01452 886416


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