Health & Safety Vettings

What do we do?

Prospect Training Services offer a Health and Safety workplace vetting service, to suit your requirements, whilst giving you the peace of mind that pupils are safe in the work place and your duty of care towards the pupil has not been compromised.

'Just had a visit from Jim @ProspectTS to have a walk around & check our health and safety practices. We are really looking forward to having a traineeships student with us through November and Jim was superb at helping us get ready! The most enjoyable H&S review we have ever had!!' - Sound House, Gloucester

At PTS we believe as a school, you would like;

  • A dedicated coordinator to plan, organise and be the link contact with your school, the employer
  • and the student.
  • A set of qualified and professionally trained health & safety field officers across the county.
  • A comprehensive and current database that provides complete management of the vetting
  • process.
  • An experienced team who developed the tried and tested service from EBP and Trident based on
  • the Safe Learner Concept.

Please click on the link - View Document to see a complete overview of what we have on offer. Here is also a page of FAQs for your information - View Document

"I met with two members of the Prospect Training Services team and my concerns were instantly alleviated. They were incredibly knowledgeable and up-to-date, and I was provided with all of the information that I needed and more. I left the meeting feeling very reassured. I was also very grateful of all of the advice I had been offered without feeling like I was having a sale pushed onto me. Representatives were clearly very passionate about their roles and this was evident in their approach to our meeting.As a school, we booked our Health and Safety checks with Prospect Training Services, and the service we received was impeccable. I received regular updates, and was given further updates whenever I needed. I didn't ever have to chase data or information, and was very impressed by the level of service that the team were able to offer at such a busy time in the year.Whether you are seeking advice in this area or looking to recruit a team to complete Health and Safety checks for your school, I cannot recommend Prospect Training Services enough. Their professionalism, attitude, service and attention to detail made our Work Experience programme so much easier to run, and it definitely would not have gone ahead without their involvement." ELLIE HARVEY - THE DEAN ACADEMY

We at PTS, would like to advise you on the requirements for Health and Safety reviews so you can make informed choices on who you choose to carry out your schools Health and Safety Vettings.

Our Health and Safety team are fully qualified to and above the required standard, with a local knowledge built up over years of service. Along with this, comes excellent working relationships, which have been forged with the local employers who all appreciate the advice and support PTS staff offer. PTS have all relevant insurances in place and in excess of 60 years combined occupational health and safety experience. In addition, we hold an extensive database of approved placements which has been built up with over 15 years of delivery and is accessible to all schools that we work with. We have reciprocal arrangements in place with bordering out of county agencies, and those further afield.

In addition to this, we provide:

  • Interim and final status reports
  • On-gong telephone support
  • Detailed Job Descriptions & Risk Assessments for all confirmed work experience placements.
  • Health and Safety monitoring visits for extended placements
  • A comprehensive tracking system is maintained for in county and out of county placement requests.
  • We work closely with your work experience co-ordinator to ensure the placement process is managed ina timely manner.
  • Free Health and Safety advice, information and guidance to placement providers to encourage continued provision of work experience placements
  • Our service is viewed by our customers as a positive contribution to School Ofsted Inspection outcome.

We are dedicated to providing you with a professional, efficient and cost effective service.

"Thank you so much, and will you please pass on our thanks to the rest of the team, for all your hard work at efficieny at Prospects in ensuring all our placements have been checked in time for pupils to go out next week. It is also really helpful to have the risk assessments for the placements and I will pass them on to parents tomorrow" HELEN DOWELL - BELMONT SCHOOL

"I would like to extend such a huge thanks to the PTS team from the school, pupils and parents for your hard work and efficiency" JACQUI TAYLOR - ALL SAINTS ACADEMY

"I would like to thank you and your team at PTS for all your hard work in the lead up to our work experience week" PETER LLOYD - SIR THOMAS RICHS SCHOOL

We offer Out of County Agencies database checks, Visits, Job Descriptions, and Risk Assessments.

Please contact Sue Woodman for further information on 01452 886888, or Click here

Contact Details

Peter Parkes

Telephone: 01452 886888

Email: or

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