Work and Health Programme - JETS

Department for Work and Pension, European Social Fund
Seetec Pluss
Job entry targeted support
Job entry targeted support

PTS delivers The Work and Health Programme - JETS on behalf of Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Seetec Pluss.

We are pleased to announce that PTS have been awarded the DWP JETS contract in Gloucestershire.

JETS allows us to offer even more candidates to local employers, so no agency fees!

What can JETS offer?

  • A diverse range of candidates with transferable skills.
  • Candidates who are fully assessed and assigned to a specific employment advisor who works directly with that candidate during their time on the programme, encouraging them to explore all their opportunities and broaden their attitude to work.
  • A digital skills and employability trainer to assist in any skills that may need additional attention.
  • An experienced recruitment manager with control over the programme to ensure the right candidates are matched to the right vacancy.
  • It allows our candidates access to a bespoke online platform enabling a thorough job search across a diverse cross section of advertising mediums thus increasing the candidate’s opportunity to find the right job and you to find the right person.
  • A proven track record with key employers within the county.
  • Recruitment workshops that are available either at your premises or ours to support your recruitment process.
  • Working interviews that enables employers to assess their candidates’ skills before starting work.
  • Involvement with our schemes may enhance your profile as a supportive employer and therefore attract more candidates.
  • And many more activities specifically designed to motivate and encourage participants on their journey back into employment.

Additionally, we can provide Apprenticeships, as well as a host of direct delivery and on-line courses too.

JETS is co-financed by the European Social Fund.