Learner Inclusion

Learner Inclusion


Prospect Training Services is committed to being an inclusive provider. We recognise that our learners and customers are all unique. We understand that each person can have different strengths and needs and we pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to each individual. We have a Learner Inclusion Policy in place to outline how we are consistent and fair in our application process and to set out our vision of fully meeting the needs of the individuals who enrol on our programmes.

A short summary of the support we can offer is provided below:

  • A bespoke application process for learners who present with an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) or have a diagnosed learning difficulty or disability.
  • Reasonable adjustments made and access to assistive technology.
  • Individual Positive Plans to ensure our learners reach their potential.
  • Learning Support Workers and Learning Mentors.
  • Access to arrangements for examinations.
  • Small group environments.
  • In work placement support.

We welcome all applications and will take our time to fully assess if we can meet the individual needs of any applicant, if you would like to talk through any questions or concerns you have before applying our Safeguarding & Learner Support Manager would be happy to help. Please call 01452 300255 or email