YPTB - Young Parents To Be


Young mums and dads to be - YMTB®

YMTB is a comprehensive, holistic, accredited course specifically designed for pregnant teenagers; it is a unique programme which involves partners and dads-to-be in the whole pregnancy process.

Courses engage with midwives and provide access by working in multi-agency partnerships which benefit learners, YMTB projects and the NHS. Young women are keen to attend YMTB as it provides accessible antenatal care. Specifically tailored sessions enable young dads to-be to be included and prepared to help and support at the birth.

The course has units which cover:

  • Antenatal development and birth
  • Caring for a baby from birth to six months
  • The responsibilities of caring for a young baby
  • Using planning skills to make a resource for a baby
  • The rights and responsibilities of parenting

For more information on the course and for nationally delivered courses, please click here. For our international course, please click here.

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